Fucking Jet Lag

Don’t ever lose your documents again


You’ve been waiting for three hours in the hall of an unknown airport, in a small and remote village whose name you cannot even pronounce, and you got there by a shitty bus whose ticket fee was four-fold the cost of the flight. Three hours, three long hours in which you have had time to curse (several times) the company, the prices of the duty free and yourself for having entrusted your holidays to a low cost airline. But in the end, three hours later, you’re in the queue and about to board. Then you open your backpack and “holly shit!” you can’t find your boarding pass. After arguing with all the boarding staff telling them no way the plain is leaving without you and threatening the check-in guy with making a viral tweet discrediting the company, you end up kneeling down and begging them to sell you a new ticket to get on the next flight, which departs at 6 AM, so you can at least get to your job on time (and without sleeping).

Well, we can’t help with whatever made you choose that lifestyle (it’s low cost life, my friend), but we can help you with keeping safe your flight documents next time. Designed thinking on the grooviest travellers, PutosModernos presents the Fucking Jet Lag, a wallet and ticket holder that’ll keep you from losing your papers at an airport again.

Because, let’s be honest, next time you will fly (again) with a low-cost company. And you will find yourself (again) in the same shitty bus going to an unknown airport in a small remote village whose name you cannot even pronounce. But at least your ticket will be in place. Thank God!

Spec: Travel documents wallet (inside pockets) + Bag label. 10×22 cm. Red plastic 300μ.


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