The Fucking Scale

Because dieting is a big fat bitch


Among many other tragic consequences, Instagram has extended the “beach-body plan” throughout the year. One has to be fit even in winter: who knows when you may come across the ideal stage to exhibit your body. A weekend at the spa? A popular race? An escape to the Canary Islands? Any excuse is good to show your abs together with a new age quote.

The Fucking Scale is the first and only intelligent scale in the world. A scale so intelligent that it knows that you don’t really want a scale. And no matter how much you try to convince yourself that detox is cool and that life without gluten is much better, at the bottom of your heart you hate oats, rooibos, stevia, chia seeds, green juices and fucking avocado. Yes, also the fucking avocado.

The Fucking Scale is the scale that understands you. A scale that doesn’t judge you. The first scale that doesn’t laugh at you but with you. Because dieting, my friends, is a big fat bitch.


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